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May 23, 2013
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A marvel, she was. Not many people bothered to take a good look, but if they took the time to let their eyes travel over her, from the stray wisp of hair atop her head to the lengthy shoelace that dragged across the floor with every step she took, the natural born beauty of [Name] would arise to their eyes, and it was nearly assured they would never forget it. She never tainted her near perfect image with make-up, nor went to any great lengths to primp her hair or beautify her nails. It was a natural, and very potent beauty.

  Yet, she did her best to make it subtle. She hid it behind simple clothing, greatly exaggerated every flaw, a pimple here, a scar there. Yet, the wave of admiration rolled over her like a steam press, and she couldn't stand it. The people constantly surrounding her was just too much. She avoided large crowds whenever possible, but it was hard to ignore.

  {Rutherford Hayes Memorial Park, Saturday, June 8th, 3:26 P.M}

[Name] grabbed the edges of her hood, pulling them further around the sides of her head to better hide her face. She didn't want to be called out here, of all places. She sat at a small outdoor table, pulling out her phone and checking for any new messages. None, good. She often got texts asking where she was so that the teenage paparazzi could follow her around like stray puppies, or asking for selfies, etc.

   She put her phone away, and slid her hood down, confident that nobody would start crowding her. Letting her [H/C] locks cascade down her back, she leaned back in her chair and propped a single foot up on the table, the other on a chair next to her.  She closed her eyes, just listening to the sounds of children running around in the grass, adults taking jogs down the cobblestone path, the park workers mowing the lawns and tending to the flowers, the fountain nearby letting it's cool water spurt from the top and reassess itself in the pool below. Well, she could go on forever. But, as she listened to the sounds of the park pass her by, she heard something out of place, and entirely too close.

 A click, followed by a "whirrrr" noise.

  She jumped up, her eyes snapping open as she looked around for the source, but could find none. She looked around for a bit then, deciding it would be best, threw her hood up and began to jog home, causing the amateur photographer currently hiding in the tree above to let out a quiet curse.

~~{High School, Friday, June 14th, 2:56 P.M}~~

   The whole week was a bit of a mess. That dreaded clicking noise was heard almost every day, from the hallways in school to the walk home, and even in the public library when she went to return some books. She recognized it as a camera, but she could never find out who was taking the pictures. It aggravated her to no end. Sighing, she looked down at her notes, waiting for the bell to ring so she could leave. As if on cue, the loud beep erupted from the loud-speaker, causing her to jump up and burst from the classroom, headed straight to her locker. She was going to hurry and see if she could outrun her stalker before they managed to get another picture of her.

Because of her speed, the halls were practically empty, so when she whipped around the corner and bumped into someone else, she wasn't prepared for it.

"Oof!" [Name] tumbled ass-first onto the floor, her belongings scattered around and mixed together with the boys. Looking up, she saw him stare at her in surprise from behind his askew shades. Apparently, due to the fact that he was on the floor as well, he didn't take the hit too good either. She recognized him, a kid from her history class, they never really talked. She always had thought he was cute, and the cool kid bravado was very interesting. Which is to say silly.

"Dave, I'm so sorry!" [Name] squealed, reaching to begin gathering his things for him. Immediately, he snapped up and reached for them as well.

"No, [Name], it's cool. Don't worry about i-" he was cut off as [Name] picked up a journal, and a heap of Polaroid photos dropped out, all freshly developed. She looked down at them and smiled, picking them up. 

"Ohhh, you're a photographer?"

"[Name], don't!" But she had. To her shock, and slight disgust, a majority of the pictures were of her. A couple selfies, a few pictures of scenery, but most of the pictures were of her. From sitting in the park, to walking down the hall, even a couple of her going into her house! She snapped her head up with a fierce look on her face, so quickly that Dave jumped back a bit.

"Dave, what the hell!" [Name] looked up with accusation burning in her eyes, causing Dave to gulp down a lump in his throat.

"[Name] ah, listen. You gotta hear me out!" [Name] crossed her arms, waiting for him to explain. "I just, you were such a great model, without even trying. I'm trying to get into photography, I have my own black-room and everything, but I just needed a subject, and I knew you wouldn't even consider it, you being you. So I...yeah, and I'm sorry. It was so uncool of me to practically stalk you because I needed another picture for my portfolio," he finished, uncharacteristically shy and apologetic.

[Name] bit the inside of her cheek, shaking her head in disbelief. "That" Without finishing, she stood up and grabbed her things, dashing away from him and to her locker. Reaching out to her, then sighing and letting his arm flop down, Dave reached down and picked up the photos, taking a second to silently admire them.

"God, I'm so fucked up."
GUESS WHO'S OFF HIATUS?!?!?!?! THAT'S RIGHT, ME, AND NOT HUSSIE ;V; But, seriously, I am so sos sososo oso os os ooso sorry about my being a major butt. I haven't posted in so long! Now, since I haven't written in ages, it might take me a while to get a constant flow of stories out. But, here's a request for JenThaoS! [Beautiful person by the way. Go look at her face and every single one of her stories.] If I can be arsed enough, I might be finishing You Gotta Meet Him! next, followed by some other stories that I'll write just because. So, I hope you all can forgive me for being such an ass!!!
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